The majority of our Crocodile Leather Skin Products are on a ‘Made to Order’ process. To commence your order we will first need you to complete our online email contact form below. Once received Koorana will respond to your enquiry / proposed order as soon as possible. Apart from the listed price of your choice of product we will need to calculate postage and shipping costs for not only domestic but also international deliveries. Also we need to establish yours and our preferred payment system.

It is your responsibility as the customer to acquire the import permit(s)and custom requirements. Please contact us if you require more information about permits and customs.

We will provide the export permit(s).

We work towards to provide a product at the highest level possible. You may eligible for a refund in some cases. Learn more at the Refund Policy page.

We offer Wholesale partnership for people that want to offer our products worldwide. Learn more at the Wholesale page.

We offer the highest quality crocodile skin for artisans and craftsman. Check our Skins page to learn more about our process and how you can provide your clients with the best material possible.